who are we


Basalt is the rock beneath your feet – the foundation on which beautiful technological solutions are built. Firmly grounded at the intersection between technology and humanity, our solutions propel both into the future. They’re created with intention, designed to revolutionise your business, and fundamentally focused on improving the human experience.

Like our namesake, we are both adaptable and resilient, and solid and reliable, capable of keeping up with the world as it shifts and changes. We are here to meet your every technological need, as well as those you haven’t yet considered.

what we do

We are all about making this ever-changing world better, brighter, bolder

From concept development and ideation right through to development, testing and product release, we develop disruptive solutions that help you become better at what you do.

Some of our services include web and app development, user acceptance testing, migration and porting, technical support, technical architecture, sustained engineering and personalised service. We transcend boundaries in the area of intentional technology. We are engineers who are also passionate about AI and Robotics - ensuring that we keep our skills set relevant in the ever changing landscape of technological innovation.

"They are hustling with us every day."

- Standard Bank